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Creative Writing

When I was a sophomore in college, I wanted to explore my interests by taking a variety of classes. In my fall semester, I took a creative writing course. This course allowed me to exercise my creativity, storytelling, and communication skills. Each week, we wrote in a different style. Wether it was a prose piece, short story, fiction, or a poem. 


I am from fresh pancakes,

And clear cut grass,

I am from salty air

And clear blue skies

I am from the paddle boards that rest under the house

that touches the shore

I am from the hydrangea heads

And blueberry bushes that begin to grow in July

I am from the lazy mornings,

The cup of coffee with a splash of milk and two packets of sugar

I am from the dog jumping on the clean linen sheets

And the aroma of fresh morning dew

I am from the late movie nights and

“just a couple more minutes”


I am from laughter and homemade dishes

From the dances in the kitchen as “Let’s stay together” by Al Green floods the room

I’m from everlasting memories filled with laughter and love

From the clinks of glasses of the never ending toasts

I’m from kitchen dances

And dinning table bills


I’m from the farmstand

and their sungold tomatoes

I’m from beach days

and fire a blazing at sundown


I am from “check the list, again”

“Would you like this in your room?”

I am from “last hug” and

“I’ll see you soon!”

A typical Sunday morning, according to my dog

Typically, she doesn’t take me out first thing in the morning, actually her dad does. I’ll slowly pick my head up, as her dad opens the door to the bedroom. I open my heavy eyes and stretch my body across the duvet. Then I jump off the bed and go into downward dog, the humans love that one. I trot out of the bedroom and to the door. Her dad clips on the leash and we wait for the elevator. Ding! The doors open and then we’re on the ground floor. We walk through the lobby and I stiff to see who was taken before me. Oh but wait, what was that, the treats! The doorman always gives me treats. I follow my human towards the big black door. It swings open and I’m greeted by the cool, autumn breeze. I tug on my leash, because I sense my friend who was here just moments before, so I leave her a message. We walk down the block and make a left, and “oh wait, what was that?” *sniff* “A bacon, egg, and cheese!!!” I tug on my leash towards the scent. The dad ushers me away from the bacon bits left on the ground. “Aww man! Come on!”We continue walking down the street and hit the coffee cart. The human gets his food. The wave of pumpkin spice, freshly baked muffins, and wait… oh come on! Another bacon egg and cheese. This is ludicrous! The dad gets a brown bag from the man in the cart, and we turn around back home. The first walk isn't usually a long one. “Oh wait, I have to pee! I almost forgot! AHHH, there we go, much better.” We walk back down the street and back up the black steel steps. I know where I’m going. I get a treat from the doorman. We walk back through the lobby and to the elevator. Ding! The doors open. We arrive at the apartment door. “Come on, come on!” The human takes the harness off and I sprint back to Emma’s bed. I do a hop and a leap into her bed. “Classic, she’s still sleeping, oop, now she’s awake.”

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